Coach Checklist

Yay! You want to coach a team.

Coaching is fun and rewarding.

For the benefit and safety of our players, and to provide you with all the tools needed for a great coaching experience, everyone who would like to be considered for a coaching position must follow the WYS Coach Checklist.

Volunteers are the heart of WYS. We hope your experience will lead to more involvement. We're always looking for new ideas to improve the soccer program in Wrentham.

WYS Coach Checklist

Register as a coach volunteer

Click the button below and complete the short form. All coaches (head and assistant) must register.

Register with Mass Youth Soccer

All head coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must register with MYS and complete a CORI check. Scroll down this page for more information.

Take concussion training

All coaches must take concussion training. Scroll down this page to learn more.

Obtain soccer license (optional)

This is optional but highly recommended, especially for Travel coaches. Scroll down this page to learn more.

Follow Bays Zero Tolerance

Everyone should follow BAYS Zero Tolerance policy.

Review Coach Responsibilities

Review and understand WYS Coach Expectations and Responsibilities.

Understand coach selection process

Review and understand the coach selection process located at the bottom of this page.

Annual MYS Adult Registration & CORI Certification

All WYS coaches, assistant coaches and team managers (In-Town and Travel) must register with Mass Youth Soccer every year and have a certified CORI or they cannot coach. (Our 'year' runs from Fall 2018 through Spring 2019.) Even if you have been CORI certified through another organization (e.g., Wrentham Public Schools), WYS is required by Massachusetts General Law to perform a CORI certification via Mass Youth Soccer.

Follow the steps below to complete the MYS Adult Registration Process and CORI:

MYS Adult Registration

To register with MYS and request a CORI check, follow the MYS Adult Registration and CORI Registration process.

Copy of License

After completing the MYS Adult Registration Process, please print and sign your form and connect with the WYS CORI Coordinator to arrange a time to have your license and CORI form checked.


Please send questions regarding CORI certification to the WYS CORI Coordinator.

Concussion Training

All coaches and assistant coaches must complete mandatory concussion training prior to coaching a team. The certification is good for 3 years in BAYS and then must be retaken.

Follow the steps below to complete your mandatory concussion training:

Before you begin

Please note:
The CDC system does not save your information. After completing the course you must save the pdf file or print it (both are recommended.) 

Launch Training

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides a free Heads Up Concussion Training that can be completed online in less than 30 minutes.

Send certificate

Give a copy of your certificate to WYS at the coaches meeting or email us with a subject line of 'Concussion Training'.  WYS is expected to have certificates in hand before allowing a coach or assistant coach to work with their team.

Soccer Licenses

Soccer licenses are optional but highly recommended. Mass Youth Soccer Association provides training for G and F courses. WYS will reimburse license fees (with prior approval). 

Why should I get a license?

  1. Learn about soccer
  2. Be a better coach to players
  3. Coaches with licenses are preferred during coach selection process
  4. WYS reimburses fees (with prior approval)

In-Town coach guidelines

Head coaches: G license is recommended

Take the G course online 

Check the G Live calendar for local training events

Travel coach guidelines

Head and assistant coaches: G and F licenses are recommended

Take the G course online 

Check the G Live calendar for local training events

Take the F course online

How to get reimbursed

Contact Charlie Weiblen for information, prior approval, and reimbursement.

About the coach selection process

When are coaches selected for teams?

In-Town teams
Players are placed on teams randomly within their division. WYS will try to accommodate requests, but please realize we need to have an equal number of players on each team. We'll do our best to make everyone happy. 

Coaches are selected after all the players are placed on teams. Teams are not built around coaches. Once a team is formed, parent volunteers for the children assigned to the team will be reviewed and selected.

Travel teams
Coaches are selected after all the players are placed on teams. Teams are not built around coaches. Once a team is formed the WYS Board will review parent volunteers for the children assigned to the team. If there is more than one Head Coach Volunteer then the WYS Board will vote on the candidates. If no parents volunteered as Head Coach for the team an email will be sent to team parents asking for a volunteer. 


What factors are considered for head coaches?
Who selects assistant coaches?
Can travel teams have more than one assistant coach?
Do previous coaches get priority?
Does having a soccer license get priority?

WYS cannot exist without the efforts of many, and we appreciates the dozens of volunteers that step up every year. Thank you!

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