William A. Rice Recreation Complex


Field Layout

Fall 2020 Rice East Field Map


54 Emerald Street
Wrentham, MA 02093 (open in Google Maps)

Safety Guidelines & Field Restrictions

Thank you for helping us keep our fields clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

No Pets

No pets allowed any time on or around fields. Police take notice.

Remove Your Trash

Please remove your trash and drop in trash cans provided.

No Drop Off Beside Fence

No drop off beside fence at Rice Complex, must park first

Go Slow

Go slow, the parking lot is a busy place. Keep your eyes open at all times while driving.

No Parking at Fence

No parking any time at fence between parking lot and field.

No Parking on Emerald Street

No parking any time on Emerald Street.

Parents or Coaches Retrieve Stray Soccer Balls

No Player should retrieve a ball from Emerald Street or Parking lot—parents or coaches only.

Follow Bays Zero Tolerance

Everyone should follow BAYS Zero Tolerance policy.

Show Respect

Show respect for players, coaches, referees and other parents.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the game!

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